עתק I

עתק I
עָתַקI (b. h.) to move. Gen. R. s. 52, beg. (expl. יעתק, Job 14:18) פנה ממקימו he (Abraham) moved from where he was; Yalk. ib. 87; Yalk. Job 906. Hif. הֶעְתִּיק to remove, transfer. Y. Ḥag.II, 77c top (ref. to Ps. 31:19 הדוברות … עתק) הדוברות על צדיקי של עולם דברים שה׳ מבריותיו who speak concerning the Righteous One of the world words which he has withheld from his creatures (esoteric philosophy); Yalk. Ps. 715; Gen. R. s. 1 שה׳ בבריותיו (corr. acc., v. ‘Rashi a. l.). Ruth R. to I, 1 (ref. to 1 Chr. 4:22) דברים הללו נאמרו ממַעְתִּיקוֹ של עולםוכ׳ these words were spoken by Him who moves the world (by ref. to ויעתק, Gen. 12:8); (Yalk. Chr. 1074 דברים הללו מעתיקו, v. עַתִּיק). Yalk. Prov. 961 (ref. to העתיקו, Prov. 25:1) העתיקו מלמד שגנוזים היוhʿetiḳu (they removed), this shows that they were suppressed (v. גָּנַז). Ib. דבר אחר אין העתיקו אלא פירשווכ׳ another interpretation is, hʿetiḳu means ‘they set aside (ref. to Gen. 12:8), i. e. translated, interpreted (v. פָּרַש, a. cmp. the later use of העתיק to edit, to translate); Ab. dR. N. ch. I, 2nd> Vers. (ed. Schechter, p. 3) אין העתיקו אלא שפרשו; ib. 1st> Vers. לא שהמתינו אלא שפירשו, v. next w. Hof. הוּעְתַּק to be removed. Koh. R. to I, 8 (in enigmatic speech) ואני הוּעְתַּקְתִּי לכאן להחיש מחיה and I have come here to accelerate the growth (of hair). Nif. נֶעְתַּק, Nithpa. נִתְעַתֵּק to be removed, transferred. Esth. R. to I, 1 הנֶעְתָּקִין, v. קִינְסִין. Yalk. Chr. 1076 (ref. to 1 Chr. l. c.) אפי׳ … שנִתְעַחְּקוּ מהם החזירם even things which had been removed from them (esoteric thoughts) did he bring back; Ruth R. l. c. (not שנתעסקו).

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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